About me

Whilst studying hypnotherapy some years ago, I came to realise that rather than just helping a small number of people, working on a one to one basis as a therapist; by writing children’s stories with an educational theme, I would be able to influence many thousands of children in a positive way. Besides making them much safer, I realised I could possibly influence society in a positive way too. With this realisation firmly in my mind, I began to set about composing some storyline formulas using various creatures as role models; story-lines which besides being humorous, were both dramatic and educational at the same time. This resulted in my producing a series of 17 books during the early 1990′s under the series title of “THE CREATURES OF THE WILDERNESS,” featuring a central character called Bernie Beetle. Having completed this body of work, I then went on to produce a spin-off series entitled “DREAMTIME” featuring the dreamy adventures of young Oliver Jackson covering social issues such as charity; food production; animal welfare and social diversity/cultural differences, aimed at younger readers/listeners.

Still believing I could do more, I then went on to produce a series of stories with more direct emotionally supportive themes, (covering issues such as bullying, lack of confidence, loneliness, abuse and violence) believing that with these stories, I could make a real difference to the lives of many young people throughout the world. In time this project developed into a series of inspirational stories entitled “TALE.S OF TRIUMPH, with a spin-off series called ANIMAL TALES” ( to be published in the near future).